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The ship's homing device brought us back. But I saw Earth explode. I'm actually kind of proud of this one. was merely a simulation I rigged up, using the ship's holographic targeting projector. was a toilet paper tube. You said there wasn't any toilet paper! And that humanity was annihilated! My motives were pure. I just wanted to you to think we had to save humanity so you'd be willing There must be something to steal on this island. Let's go home, everybody. At least the world wasn't destroyed.No, sir! Not us F. A. R. T. ers! You can't censor me just because I'm an obscenely bad role model. As unclean as it makes me feel, I agree with Bender. Kids don't turn rotten just from watching TV. Yeah. Give a little credit to our public schools. Our dads are all pumped up on dork-osterone. We're just trying to be cool, like Bender.

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